Is It Really True that Diet Drinks Are Better Than Regular Drinks?



I’ve seen a lot of health conscious people drink diet soda. According to them, it’s better than regular soft drinks because it contains less sugar and fewer calories. But are they correct in this belief?

The Facts and the Truth

According researchers, this belief is not entirely correct. In a study done by France’s National Institute of Health and Medical Research which ran for 14 years and which involved 66,118 middle-aged women, diet soda can make you fat. It also increases the risk of developing depression and diabetes.

The Reason    

Why will diet and/or light soda make you fat? Why will it lead depression and diabetes?

In the study, women who consumed diet or light drinks were observed to develop a greater craving for more sweets. The study also showed that aspartame, the main artificial sweetener used in the light and diet drinks, causes an increase in glycaemia which results to an increase in the insulin level.

Now, which do you prefer  – diet/light or regular soda? The choice is yours!


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