On Mall Sales and Discounts

I was on line waiting for my turn to pay for the items I was carrying when I heard the cashier ask the person in front of me the terms of payment of her credit card purchase. Delayed and installment payable in 6 months? Or full payment due in 3 months? The lady called her husband and asked him what he thought? The husband asked: how about the interest Miss? The cashier said “No interest yet Sir as long as you pay within the allowed time.” Finally the husband decided: “Deferred payment to 3 months and 6 months installment”, and he declared it with a grin on his face. The bill was a little over 12 thousand, all women’s clothes. The cashier read the details of the purchase again and then the condition of payment, and after hearing the confirmation from the client the cashier finally concluded the sales transaction. The clients left the counter with a smile.

Then the cashier looked at me and asked: “Credit Card or Cash?” I smiled.

When there’s time and there’s a little extra money, I like going to the Malls and walk around. It’s a good exercise, walking the long stretch of the Mall lobbies, plus I read somewhere a long time ago that trying on clothes is also a good way of losing extra pounds. So trying on clothes became a hobby hahaha! And to think that trying on clothes is harder for me because I’m fat, I’m pretty sure I’m shedding more pounds off with every piece of cloth I try on hahaha! And the money is for the snacks after the long walk wahahaha! (Wink! Wink! Wink!)

Here’s the thing: when I try on clothes and shoes I also look at their prices. So I am quite familiar with the price ranges of the things I like and often, wish I can buy. So when announcements of BIG SALES come about, I usually think about those things and I compute how much each will then cost on such days and how much discount I’ll get. One very good example is a pair of shoes I have long wanted to buy. Last week, in one of our Mall visits, the sales clerk, probably thinking that I did not have enough money to buy the one that I really wanted suggested that I come back this week and buy the one I was holding as it will be on sale. I asked how much the discount will be and he mentioned an amount and it was substantial. So I took his suggestion and went yesterday afternoon. Guess what? It was sold already! Too bad for me hahaha!

So why this post? Because the SALE is still up! If you have the money and you have discipline/self-restraint/self-control and you’re not an impulse buyer, now is a good time to check out things you need in the Mall. They are giving good discounts to a lot of things.

Ps. I am not getting anything in return out of this post. I am not endorsing the Mall or anyone hahaha But try on some clothes while you’re there and shed off some pounds too!