The Beautiful Yellow Trees In Malaybalay Bukidnon

Even before entering the City of Malaybalay, in Kalasungay, one’s breath will be taken away by these beautiful golden trees in full bloom. They are exceptionally stunning, right? One can find many of these golden trees all over the City, in Plaza Rizal fronting the Cathedral, in the Capitol Grounds, and on the highway going to Valencia City.

So what kind of tree are they? They are called Golden Trumpet Trees or Tabebuia Chrysantha, a native tree of the intertropical broadleaf deciduous forests of South America above the Tropic of Capricorn, also called  araguaney or yellow ipê, guayacan in Colombia, as tajibo in Bolivia, and as ipê-amarelo in Brazil. It is the National Tree of Venezuela and there are at least 100 species of Tabebuia.

The Golden Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia Chrysantha) have tubular shaped large flowers,  with broadening corolla of deep yellow color, about 2 inches long. The flower come out  in February  and stays until April, normally before the trees grow back any leaves.