Silent Heroes

They are humble people who take care of the residents of their Barangay, and they are doing their best and giving their best … against all odds.

These good people are being led by the Punong Barangay, who I found to be very passionate about public service and who knows what he wants and is determined to accomplish them. Six of them are legislators and thru the barangay ordinances they author, they make sure that the people’s needs are addressed. Most of the women here are Barangay Health Workers and Zone Presidents, and then a few are with the Barangay Council as officers – Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor.

They are committed community workers. On a daily basis, they make sure that all the children in the Barangay are properly nourished; they also take care of the needs of pregnant women and the elderly. They are responsible in ensuring that when the rains come there will be no flooding in the streets and all year round make sure that the streets are passable and in good condition. They make sure that conflicts are resolved and amicably settled at the Barangay level: that neighbors see beyond boundary disputes and work together towards progress and development … these despite personal differences. They are responsible in ensuring that peace and order is maintained in the barangay, and to make this happen they come up with bold but necessary ordinances to ensure that the welfare of the majority is given topmost priority. In San Vicente, the stores do not sell alcoholic beverages and this was made possible through an agreement between the local government unit, store owners, and residents. Since the implementation of this agreement peace and order in the area improved tremendously, not only as a community but more importantly within families and homes. The interest and well-being of the youth are also prioritized, and programs and activities are planned and implemented so that the youth will be protected and nurtured. The barangay council through the Committee on Agriculture makes sure that the farmers are assisted in their needs.

Then some of them are entrepreneurs and farmers who, despite family and livelihood demands, still choose to serve the people. To them my greatest admiration.

And these are just examples of what they have done and are continually doing. And all these they do with very limited resources.

But they do it anyway.

Some of these public servants receive very minimal honorarium, the amount so small it’s not even enough to buy a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts. But they serve just the same.

They are the front-liners … the work they do requires total commitment, deep-seated passion, selfless sacrifice.

And they deserve our gratitude.

Knowing them made me realize that there are plenty of silent heroes amidst us … and it was an honor for me to know them … 🙏🏻 They are not perfect; many of them have feelings of inadequacy. Many have weaknesses just like you and me. But they are trying their best to step up to the office they hold and the work required of them. At least they are trying.

Kaninyo daghan kaayong salamat! Kung naa moy natun-an gikan sa ako, I hope you know nga mas daghan ko og nakat-unan sa inyo. 😇 (Kahilakon na pod ko hahaha!)

I hope that all the barangay workers in the 42,036 Barangays all over the Philippines (as of Feb 6 2018) are as committed and as dedicated as you. May God bless you for the selfless service you are doing!