Valentine’s Dating Idea # 1 for Married Couples


For married couples, except for those who are really well-off, the primary concern when going out on a date is normally the cost. How much will you be spending on the date? More often than not, as the mind begins to compute the costs, the wallet and the pocket shrinks, and so you finally say goodbye to the date you’ve always wanted. Often times, after computation, when the cost turns out to be a little too high (like the amount you anticipate to spend is equivalent already to three family meals), the date is cancelled with the justification that “we have to be practical these days!”

But who says going out on a date need to be expensive? Here’s one suggestion of a not-so-expensive date that is really special.


Let’s just say you’re an average, middle-income couple and you don’t really have extra money to spend lavishly but you really want to go out on Valentines Day and do something special. Here’s a good idea: why don’t you try and get a massage in a Spa?  In Cagayan de Oro City there are many Spa’s that offer relaxing massages at affordable rates. I personally like Sentara Nail and Body Spa along Limketkai Drive. Their Royale Massage is priced at 380.00 each and the massage lasts for 75 minutes or 1 hour and 15 minutes. You get a free glass of cold water or tea, depending on your preference. The nice thing with them, they offer a couple’s room, and you actually get the massage at the same time (and you can see each other too!) Their staff is courteous and the place is nice and cozy.

So, for more or less 800.00 (Eight hundred pesos), you can have a relaxing and extra special Valentines Day date. Who says you need a lot of money to enjoy each other’s company? And here’s one more thing, it’s not a great idea to get a massage while you’re full. So that’s one expense off the list! No dinner date before the massage! Maybe you can get a light snack after … donuts perhaps with a cup of hot or cold chocolate drink. Sweet! ♥

Image courtesy of photostock and dusky/


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