A Few Good Men 

I was in the Office of the Principal of Camaman-an Elementary School (the worst hit public school in Cagayan de Oro during the January 16 urban flooding) this morning and while I was seated talking to Sir Bong (the Principal), two gentlemen came in and asked if they could speak with the Principal. These two men introduced themselves as habal-habal drivers and they are officers of UCASIMODA Inc., an organization for Habal-habal drivers. They presented themselves to the Principal stating that more or less 20 of their members would like to volunteer for 4 hours this coming Saturday and help clean the school. Then they asked what tools to bring and they were told to bring shovels and if they have wheelbarrows, so much the better. Wow! All of us who were in the room were silent for a few minutes, but we were all smiling! It’s heartwarming to know there’s still plenty of good people in the world! 

Thank you very much Sirs! May you be blessed by our Father in Heaven for your kind, charitable hearts.
“God does watch over us and does notice us, but it usually through someone else that he meets our needs.” ― Spencer W. Kimball

On January 16, Cagayan de Oro City experienced urban flooding because of hours of heavy rain brought about by an LPA. The flood damaged many homes in the low lying areas of the City and at least 5 public schools. Camaman-an Elementary School which has a total student population of 3,500 was the worst hit. 45 classrooms in Camaman-an Elementary School were damaged together with all the instructional materials of the schools, some computers, chairs, desks, and the school bags of most of the students/occupants of the said classrooms. The rushing floodwater hit the school in mere seconds and the students occupying the 1st floor classrooms had to be evacuated to the buildings with second floors. 


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