How to Make Children Smile

I prepared simple gifts for these children, and I called earlier this morning to confirm how many will be joining so I can bring enough. When all the gifts were packed and placed in the box, I was prompted to bring a few more.

As the games began and even as the food was being served, I kept counting how many children were there to ensure that I have enough gifts to give afterwards. I know how it feels not to receive anything and the last thing I want is for a child to go home empty handed. I was happy knowing that I had enough and everything was going as planned.

Then the time came to give the gifts. As I handed one gift after another, it dawned on me that the gifts will not be enough. How could that be? I counted and counted and I was so sure we had enough. There were kids who did not make it. One was sick and a few more did not have slippers (so the Mothers got the gifts or the sibling). One child, a little over 3 years old, kept looking inside the box to see if there was one for him. I began to worry. When the box was finally empty, I asked how many did not receive theirs. Three hands were raised and 6 sad, teary eyes stared at me. A small pair of hands was also raised – it was the boy beside me! He did not get a gift as well! Oh boy! I was in trouble!
Then I remembered! I brought extra! I asked April to look for the orange plastic with the gifts inside. Alas! When it was found, inside were 4 sets of gifts! I needed 4 more and I found exactly 4! As I handed the gifts to the 4 kids, their eyes beamed and they smiled from ear to ear! I felt tears forming in my eyes …
Then I remembered Jesus Christ when He fed the 5000 …
We had enough for everyone. It was a miracle. Had I not heeded the prompting and failed to bring 4 more gifts, 4 kids would have gone home with heavy hearts.

I am grateful I listened to the still small voice. And I am (and will always be) grateful for the still small voice. 🙏🏻❤️😊
#LIGHTtheWORLD #ShareGoodness


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