I’m Fat, So What!


It’s been a year since I last wrote the 3rd part of my “I’m Fat, So What!” series, and in that last blog I said it would probably be the last one I’d write on the topic. Well obviously I changed my mind because you’re reading this, my 4th on this topic!

So what made me write another fat article about myself? Well, mostly because I’m still fat and as much as I want to trim down, it seems it will be harder this time around. But then again the saying “if one wants something bad enough there’s always a way …” is true so I can’t really make any excuse. My failure to achieve my goal can be attributed to the fact that maybe I did not want it bad enough.

The good news is there’s now plenty of plus size clothes available for fat women like me, although there’s still a little problem (huh!) because most of the clothes are for fat BUT tall women and I am fat alright, but short. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

A friend of mine joked that most of my pictures are selfies, showing only my face. Well I told her good-naturedly that I prefer taking selfies precisely because I am fat and with selfies, as long as you know the right angle, you can get away with being fat and look gorgeous still.

I am getting old and there’s no way to avoid it. I have grey hair that seems to resist any color of hair dye. I have fine lines and wrinkles on my face, and let’s not talk about my fat arms and tummy and chin, unless talking about them will make them disappear. There are days when I like to wake up early and take a walk to start the day healthy and right, but then staying in bed feels much better. Many times I try not to think about soda, burgers, fries, and the occasional brownies (I am not much of a cake person or anything sweet for that matter except a glass of cold cola drink), but then sometimes, sometimes it’s easier to say yes than no.

So I’m still fat, and I know it’s unhealthy especially at my age. But I have not given up. I still think about losing weight. Yes, think! I may not have done anything yet lately, but at least I still think about it. The danger, I believe, is when I won’t even think about it anymore.

I’ll start walking tomorrow, and I’ll try harder not to drink cold cola anymore. Maybe I need a motivation! I remember being challenged by someone that if I get down to size 30 he’d buy me a pair of original Levi’s jeans. It worked for a while, but not long enough for me to get down to 30. Then someone promised I’d get something if I succeed in trimming down. It almost worked. Well, I better find my motivation soon …

Motivation? Where are you? 😜😜😜


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