The Itchon’s of Vigan, Ilocos Sur


My Father’s Genealogy – The ITCHON’s of Vigan, Ilocos Sur


Geronimo Juco Itchon was our first generation forefather here in the Philippines. He was Chinese-Christian, a native of Tangoa, Fukien, China. He became the Cabeza Actual of Vigan’s mestizo section.

In 1757, Geronimo married Nicolasa Buenio Francisca, a Chinese mestiza born in Parianillo, Vigan, Ilocos Sur and a resident of Barangay Don Lucas Singson at the time of their marriage.

Their marriage was blessed with one son, Leonardo Itchon.


Leonardo Itchon married Luisa Encarnacion, daughter of Don Dianicio Aquino and Doña Micaela Quimmio in 1803. She was 22 years old. They were blessed with nine (9) children namely:
1) Petrona
2) Hermogenes
3) Francisca
4) Leonarda
5) Casimira
6) Micaela
7) Rumualda
8) Anacleto, and
9) Enrique


Of the nine (9) children, only 6 got married.

#4 Francisca Itchon married Francisco Romano de La Cruz. They never had a child.

#5 Casimira Itchon married Hermogenes Angco. No child from this marriage.

#6 Micaela Itchon married Carlos Figer Anastacio. No child.

#7 Rumualda Itchon married Mariano Sales.

#8 Anacleto Itchon married Leocadia Angco. They were blessed with seven (7) children:

(1) Francisa Itchon
(2) Venancio Itchon
(3) Esteban Itchon
(4) Tomasa Itchon
(5) Basiliso Itchon
(6) Roman Itchon
(7) Maria Itchon

#9 Enrique Itchon married Flaviana Villanueva. They had seven (7) children:

(1) Calixto Itchon
(2) Catalina Itchon
(3) Eduardo Itchon
(4) Candelario Itchon
(5) Rosa Itchon
(6) Aluaro Itchon
(7) Pedro Itchon



Francisca Itchon never got married.

Venancio Itchon married Venancia Claudio and had seven (7) children:

(1) Concepcion Itchon
(2) Restituta Itchon
(3) Felisberta Itchon
(4) Joaquin Itchon
(5) Gregorio Itchon
(6) Pedro Itchon
(7) Juana Itchon

Esteban Itchon (my Father’s GreatGrandfather) married Juana Florendo Villanueva, daughter of Don Tomas Villanueva and Doña Potencia Florendo. They had five (5) children:

(1) Inocencio Itchon
(2) Basilia Itchon
(3) Alejandro Itchon (My father’s Grandfather!😊)
(4) Feliciano Itchon
(5) Pedro Itchon

Esteban remarried when his first wife died and he married his wife’s sister, Braulla Villanuvea. They had one (1) son, Apolinario Itchon.

I’m jumping to my father’s grandfather, ALEJANDRO ITCHON!

Alejandro is the son of Esteban who was the son of Anacleto who was the son of Leonardo who was the son of Geronimo Juco Itchon.

ALEJANDRO ITCHON married ESPERANZA FLORENDO, daughter of Don Jose Florendo and Doña Juana Florentino, in 1898 in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. They were blessed with eight (8) children:

(1) Lourdes Itchon
(2) Maria Concepcion Itchon
(3) Melanio Itchon
(4) Geronimo Itchon
(5) Pedro Itchon (MY DAD’s Father and my Grandfather!)
(6) Jesus Itchon
(7) Esteban Itchon
(8) Zacarias Itchon

Alejandro Itchon (my great-grandfather) was Presidente Municipal (Mayor) of Vigan, Ilocos Sur from 1912 to 1916.

PEDRO ITCHON married Saturnina Galope and they were blessed with nine (9) children:

(1) Carlos Itchon married Clarita Acuna Bernaldez and had a daughter Maria Grace;

(2) Ferdinand Itchon married Gloria Sosa

(3) Vanjie Itchon married Rodolfo Caranza and had 4 sons Kirk, Roberto, Dionisio, and Jovan;

(4) Abraham Itchon has two children – Joy and Jonathan

(5) Evelyn Itchon married Benny Lazarte and has three children – Dennis, Eric, and Jinky;

(6) Alejandro Itchon married Corazon Villanueva and had ME ☺️, Charina, and Carla


(7) Emma Itchon married Arturo Abrera and has 2 sons – Aris and Arturo Jr.

(8) Arthur Itchon married Adora and has 2 sons – Abraham (Bong) and Ariel (Bing);

(9) Marivic Itchon is still single.

There’s still so much to write – names of grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins … and other important details such as birthdates, marriages, etc.

Suffice it to say for now that it’s no wonder why my Dad is handsome – he comes from an ancestry of mestizo’s and mestiza’s. ☺️😊😉

And our story continues …


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