My Mango Jam Journey 

Who would have thought that making mango jam would remind me some of life’s valuable lessons? Like …

Mixing sweet mangoes with semi-ripe (sour) ones makes the jam tastier. Life is like this too! A mixture of happy and sad moments makes life sweeter.
Patience yields better results. I learned that if I hurry too much, the jam gets burned and becomes a little bitter, has a burnt taste, and it looks ugly. We too have to be patient with life, ourselves, and others, otherwise we end up bitter, unhappy, and ugly 😜.

The more often I cook, the better I became in making mango jam. Minor burns in my fingers and hand? I had them on my first and second batches. The 3rd onwards, no more. Practice indeed makes perfect. Life is also like jam making in the sense that it is a work-in-progress. We make decisions and sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. But we carry on. We try again, harder and smarter. Try and try we must until we get the hang of things! 😉

It is expensive to make mango jam hahaha! Life too, is expensive. When we make mistakes, there are always corresponding costs. Time for one, and money too, or resources. The good thing with life is that just like jam making, we can analyze what went wrong or where we made a mistake and then try again to get better results. We fail once or twice but when we learn from our mistakes, we succeed and become better. The cost of the failure? We can consider it our tuition fee. 😉

And it’s very time consuming. A batch can take 3 hours to make with continuous stirring every 5 minutes to keep the bottom from burning. Mas hago pa lutuon sa biko! But, here’s the twist: it is very rewarding! Now I understand why my doctor-friend who’s also a Chef loves baking cakes (and she loves giving cakes to her friends too!). Now I understand that making something and making it with love, and sharing it to people we care about makes us very happy.

The mangoes are all gone now, but I’m excited and looking forward to the next mango season. I’ll make sure I’ll have plenty of glass jars then so I can make mango jams to my heart’s content. 😍😘❤️


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