When He Calls …

When He Calls
I saw it as an opportunity to serve, to help.

That was the very first thought that entered my mind when I saw the “problem”. I told my husband about it and he told me that as long as one particular thing is done to observe a standing policy, then it can be done. Then we went about our usual daily chores and unconsciously forgot all about it … until last night. Before going to bed I came across something that reminded me about it again. Since it was late in the evening there wasn’t much to do and besides, as my husband said, there were factors which needed consideration. Sleep came finally and that problem (and my desired solution) were the last thoughts in my mind.

This morning, when I woke up, it was one of the first things that caught my attention. I had the best adviser beside me in bed so I asked him again about the same topic we talked about yesterday when we were on our way to the farm. His answer was a little different this time around. But his answer, though in all honesty not the one I really wanted, made sense. He told me the pros and cons of what I had in mind and I have to admit that if I was the kind of person who would go for “safe” more than “right”, then his answer would be perfect for me. Deep inside me, however, I wanted “right” more. I want to do the right thing, period. But I know that it was not up to me, and I am in no position to insist on what I want. My duty was to do what is required of me.

But I just could not rest my case just yet, so I asked my eldest what her thoughts were regarding the matter. I asked her this: “What would Jesus do?” It did not take her long to respond. She said that she would do as Jesus would – she would render service by herself. I paused. She’s right! It hit right home! If I truly want to serve, do I really need others to help me? What if others don’t like to help? What if others cannot help? What if others will not help?

And she continued: We can do it Mom, as a family, just the seven of us. Nobody else needs to know. She was serious when she said this, and the others agreed. We talked some more on how to go about it – who will do what and the things we will need.

This morning, at the breakfast table, still discussing a little on the matter, I told my 3 children (1 is already at work and another one in school) this:

“I hope you will always have the eyes to see the countless opportunities placed before you to serve others. Of course some of these opportunities may not be practical or applicable, but what is important is the fact that you saw, and you have the desire to act upon the prompting. Sadly, in some instances, your hands may be tied and you cannot help for some valid reasons. Don’t worry. What’s important is what’s in your heart. Always remember that every time you see such opportunities, it means that you are getting an inspiration to do something good, and anything that is good is from God. This only means that God is mindful of you and He loves you so much He is calling you to help Him. That is one of our purposes in this life – to know God by doing His work.”

We may not be able to serve the way I wanted to serve this time, but there’s always plenty of opportunities ahead, and I am excited! I am just grateful that opportunities to serve are limitless and I am forever thankful that although I have short hands and legs, I am heavy, and I can’t see very far without my glasses on, my heart is in the right place, and it quickens easily and responds the best way I know how.
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(Photo Credit: Myco)



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