Sunrise, Beaches, and Me 


According to old folks, commune with nature is good for the mind, body, and soul. Wanting so much a “refresh”, I’ve asked my kids and hubby to accompany me so we all can do a very early morning walk in the nearby beach. All I wanted was to walk barefoot in the sand. Unfortunately, with our two previous attempts last week, the bed and pillows always won. Finally, this morning, we triumphed over them! So off we went while the horizon was still dark …

We reached our destination and beyond the horizon we saw what seemed like glowing embers … the sun rising very slow it somehow appeared to me like she wasn’t that excited to appear to poor, old souls like me. She was taking her time in a leisurely pace.

I looked at the shoreline …

I walked a few meters towards the sea. T’was low tide and as I finally reached the area where the sand was clean, I looked back from where I came from. A shiver run down my spine when I realized that where I was standing, if the tide would suddenly come rushing in, I’d drown as I could see that from the shoreline, water level would be above my head. High tide is scheduled later, I thought. I’d be okay.

So I dug my feet in the sands; it was cold and it felt nice … the gentle waves slowly caressing my toes and ankles, the water slightly clear. Just slightly. I looked at the shoreline again.

If only the beaches were clean; if only there were no food wrappers strewn everywhere; if only there were no broken bottles lying on the sandy beach; or dogs and dog poop, cigarette butts, barbecue sticks, “puso” wrappers, disposable spoons, forks, plates, even disposable diapers and other what-have-you’s scattered all around …

I looked again, this time on my right to the not-so-distant resort and saw two lovers wearing red couple shirts. They were busy drawing heart patters on the sand.

I wished I were in Panglao, or in Camiguin’s White Island, or in Samal, or Palawan, or Boracay …

No! I wish people will be more responsible – beachgoers and beach resort operators alike. I wish people will not throw trash just about anywhere. I wish beach operators would clean the beaches from trash and debris as often as possible, or that they’d designate areas for garbage and put trash receptacles with covers so the smell of rotting garbage will not pollute the air. I wish there would be stricter rules and regulations on waste disposal especially in the coastal area. I wish that this beautiful beach stretch will be taken cared of properly because it is the only beach nearest the city with grey, fine, beautiful sand.

Sadly, as a song goes … “But I’m not a child, and wishes are just child’s play …”

One thing remains constant and true though: if we all will just do our part in keeping our environment clean, who needs to go far?

Just my muni muni on a Monday morning …



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