A Thankful Heart Is A Happier Heart

If one day we find ourselves thinking how less fortunate we are compared to so many people we know, here’s my suggestion: let’s begin counting our blessings, and start with the ones money cannot buy. Let’s name them one by one (and be very specific). As sure as the sun rises in the east every single morning, I’m pretty sure we will be surprised that our list can go on and on and on … and then we will realize how blessed we are.

In life, we at times feel unhappy for the want of more things, which makes us forget to appreciate what we have, the blessings we receive every day. This is especially true when we keep comparing ourselves with others, to those we consider more blessed because they have what we don’t. I cannot explain why others have more and we have less, be it in wealth or in what we consider as true beauty (like fairer complexion or slimmer waist or high-bridged nose), but I know one thing is true: the very moment we begin comparing ourselves with those who we think have more, we are welcoming into our lives misery and pain, and the spirit of discontentment. I remember a lesson I learned not so long ago which said that in moments of despair for want of more things, instead of looking at those who have more, look at those who have less, then you will see how better off you are compared to many more.

Happiness is

We have to remember that the greatest blessings, our greatest treasures, are those that come without a price tag – good health, peace of mind, love, our families, friends, our talent and skills, all the opportunities that come our way, the air we breathe, the water in our faucet, the sun, the trees, and so much more. These are what matters most, because these give pure and real happiness.

Let us recognize our blessings not only by our eyes but with our hearts. And let us all be grateful for them.



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