It’s Almost Valentines Day ❤️



I know of someone who’s been complaining that it’s been ages since her husband asked her out on a date. I told her this: if he won’t take you out, take him instead! I also have friends who keep saying that they don’t have money to spend. Who said you have to spend to go out on a date? Does it always follow that money should be involved? 

Reminiscing the past 30 years, we’ve dated fairly on a regular basis. In those years there were times when we didn’t have much but it did not stop us from going out. There were night outs when we went to Divisoria and sat in one of the benches under the trees there and ate roasted peanuts. There were nights also when we just drove around the city and had long, meaningful conversations. When we had money, we went to restaurants or watched movies. But you know what? We felt the same kind of happiness. What mattered was we went out together and had our “alone time” together! (And now I’m teary eyed thinking about the wonderful times we sat and held hands … sa una kaon og barbecue nga atay, batikolon, og puso sa Cogon, dapit sa De Luxe! Lately, kung apike sa budget, kaon og Kwek Kwek or Proven sa Proven Central, or Balut from Patag. Usahay Ice Cream Cone from McDo … pero if budget allowed, then sa Roadhouse or Bigby’s … Kahilak man ta’g numero 4 nga lansang ani oi hahaha!) 

Seriously though, love does not have a peso sign attached to it. Of course once in a while I personally want to be surprised with out-of-the normal things like nice gifts or special dates (it would be hypocritical of me to say I don’t), but I’d understand if we can not afford it at the moment because we have other priorities.

I just have to say this though. For most women (including me), what truly matters is that our partners are doing their best to make us feel special. 

Last night, after accompanying some of our kids to the mall, they came home and excitedly told me “Daddy has a surprise for you Mom!” Then he handed it to me – one big siopao from Tsinoy’s – my new favorite! Then the kids said “He really loves you Mom because when he saw the siopao outlet, he thought of you immediately and he bought one for you.” 😍😍😍 

So what now? We’re two days away from Valentines Day, and even though I am excited and silently looking forward to it, in my heart I know I might be disappointed (because he’s not the type who makes a fuss about celebrating it kay everyday is v-day man daw). So here’s my game plan: time to apply what I know works: What I want, I’ll give! I’ll focus more on how I’m going to make it special for him! Yay! Game on! 😜😜😜😍❤️

I asked my husband just a few minutes ago where he would like to go for our date. You see, I’ve promised myself that I’d take the proactive stance and instead of waiting for him to ask me (which may not happen because he’s not so much into celebrating the V-day as he believes everyday should be V-day), I’ll ask him. Over a bag of chips, a small plate of fried rice cooked by my son (left-over rice from breakfast today), and ice-cold Coke, we discussed our options (this was 10 minutes ago). Finally we both agreed that we’ll go to this Shabu Shabu place he’s been very curious with for months now! Yay! Just the two of us (if only you can hear the protest of two of my kids who were listening to us as we discussed where we will go hahaha!).

It works! Yes it does! 😜😉 What you want, give! ❤️


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