I’m FAT! So what? (3rd and probably Last of a Series)

I’m on my 3rd and probably last part of this FAT series hahaha! Why last? Because I believe after this, there’s no more reason to write anything about my excess fat or how I look hahaha! Let’s just say this issue on being overweight will find its fulfillment here and now.

So it’s been two years since my last post on the FAT series, and for those who know me personally, the last two years had been a roller coaster ride, but one that I will never regret having gotten into. At some point I did lose weight but at some point further I gained whatever I lost all over again. However, in retrospect, every step I took, I took with full purpose of heart … and I believe that even if I did not get what I wanted, to have tried is what matters most.

Today, my desire is not so much about looking good anymore. Why? Well, I may be fat but I don’t really look that bad hahaha! (I hope nobody will react violently nyahaha!) Seriously though, to fit into a trendy pair of jeans and shirt would be awesome! I still hate the idea of being told by shop clerks this: “Sorry Ma’am, we don’t carry plus sizes!”! But it’s the truth, and truly I am a plus size, and that’s just it!

Still I really want to look presentable in my LBD and I want to look respectable when I wear my casual and formal clothes. So I’m going to continue and try. I’m never gonna give up on myself!

In a nutshell, today, my motivation is a little fitting for someone my age – I want to be healthy to live long enough to be able to carry in my arms my future grandchildren. I want to be able to climb stairs and not complain about painful knees. So I’m going to continue eating healthy and taking morning walks. Then I’ll try harder to avoid carbonated drinks.

It may take me a very long time to wear my “modest” size 28 tattered jeans again, but at least I know there’s forever hahaha! Again there is forever!

But wait! Pwede kaya mag jeans didto?

Tattered Jeans


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