The Most Important Is That Which Lasts!

love and be loved

We all have come across this quote, and we agree that it is true. But do we really know what the real message is?

Yes we all agree that in the end, it’s not how much we have acquired in this life in terms of material things that matters most, because they don’t give lasting and genuine happiness. It is our family that matters most.

So … What have we done to our family? With our family?

Have we taken good care of them? Our spouses? Our children?

With our spouses, how’s our relationship with them? Do we spend time together, just the two of us? Do we talk about our problems, our dreams, our ambitions, our aspirations? Do we counsel with each other? Do we inspire each other in all things? Do we trust each other? Do we enjoy each other’s company? And the most important question of all, are we our spouse’s best friend?

Then with our children. Aside from making sure that they have food and they get the best education … what else have we done? Have we taught our children good manners? Have we taught them, by example, to do the right things for the right reasons? Have we taught them the right principles to govern their decisions in life? Have we listened to them when they needed us? Have we given them the counsel only us, as their parents, can give? Are we their best friend? Have we nurtured the kind of relationship that when things don’t go well, or when it does, they come to us first?

We have to think about all these questions, and think about our response to each. I hope our answers are all on the affirmative because if not, sadly, we can not expect our family to stand by us when the twilight of our life comes. Why? Because love is a dynamic feeling. It responds to stimuli. If it is well taken cared of, it flourishes and bears fruit. When it is neglected, eventually it will wither and die. Remember the words “falling in love”? The opposite is also true – “falling out of love”!

If something, or better yet someone, is important to us, we have to take good care of them so that they will take good care of us in return. This is a fact of life. It is the law of reciprocity. It is the law of attraction. We simply cannot expect to be loved by those we have not loved, or those we have loved less.

But there’s still time. So let’s live this: What we want, we must give.


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