On Class Reunions and Get Togethers!

Batch 85We almost did not make it yesterday. Something had to be taken cared of and it took more hours of work than we anticipated. The Get Together was scheduled to start at 3 pm and on that exact time, we have not even left CdO yet. Half of me was saying “don’t go anymore!”, but the other half was just so excited to meet again old friends. And so at 3:20, we were on our way … and we haven’t had our lunch yet! Maayo na lang naay ever-reliable Drive Thru! Aw, I’m taking back the ever reliable! No French Fries and no soft drinks!

It was dark when we reached Malaybalay, and true enough, the “party” has already started. Hi’s and hello’s were said and the conversation went from the number of kids we have, the ever increasing number of grey hair on our heads, to who has hypertension followed by a comparison of maintenance meds we were taking hahaha! It went on and on …and we asked about others who were not present … how much fun it would have been had they come. Then the topics became more intense! How painful giving birth is … and breastfeeding hahaha!

It was a wonderful night! I wish we can do it again soon! December perhaps? And hopefully many will join. Of the many things I realized from what transpired yesterday, those that stood out are these:


That we always enjoy the company of friends especially those we’ve spent our growing up years with;

That we may have grown in age and our hairs have turned thin and grey … but we will always love to laugh at ourselves and the experiences we’ve shared together;

That in time our teachers stop aging and we look almost exactly like them ahahaha!;

That our children will find our dance steps funny hehehe;

That it does not really matter whether one or many are successful and a few not – it does not really matter! That we don’t meet to compare and boast but we do to enjoy each other’s company again! Besides, what is success? In the end, I cannot even remember anyone talking about who has a bigger house or a newer car. Nobody talked about our bottom lines. I realized now that it is immaterial in friendship. What we talked about, and I guess it just showed what mattered most, was how many children we have and our marriages. And of course we teased those who were unmarried yet, and talked about who’s gonna make the wedding cake and the pre-nup video, and a few more topics I’d rather not write here hahaha!

That we are all looking forward to more gatherings in the future!


Before sleeping that night, Romel and I had a long talk. We talked about the good old days and our classmates – the “then” and the “now” … and how we’ve all matured and grown up in years. Then Romel said that we may have changed physically, emotionally, and mentally, but we’re still the same in so many ways. We’re still the same old us, only older and wiser! And I agree!

See you again soon Batch 85!


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