12 Tips on How to Be Successful in Business and In Life According to Nanay Coring of National Bookstore


Do you know that the key to being a successful entrepreneur is to improve and develop the work that you’re most good at? This is according to Ms Socorro Cancio Ramos or Nanay Coring, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Philippines, the founder, owner, and general manager of National Bookstore.

Here are her 12 Tips on How to Be Successful in Business and In Life:

1. Know what you want to do and believe in yourself. If you want to be a salesman, make sure you are the best salesman you could possibly be.

2. Find out what your customers want. Ask them. Ask around. Sell them what they want.

3. Make sure every customer feels important. Be humble and always be willing to serve them.

4. Buy something from one centavo. Sell it for more, but always less than the people who are selling the same thing.

5. Be frugal. Live simply.

6. Always be on time. Never be late.

7. Don’t be afraid of anyone. Speak out when you have to. All people are the same.

8. Work hard, very hard. There is no express elevator to success — you have to climb the stairs.

9. If you have the love and passion for what you do, hard work will not be a sacrifice, but a joy!

10. There will always be hard times. There will always be failures. If you fall down, get back up. Never give up.

11. Invest in your mind. Read more. Know more. Earn more.

12. Buy lots of books.

Photo credit: Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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