What Am I Thankful for Today?

For starters I am thankful that in everything that has happened, I have seen miracles happen, evidences that the Lord’s hands are in the details of everything that has transpired. Time and again I saw the truthfulness of the saying “nothing happens by accident”. There is always a purpose why things happen, and the challenge is to be able to see that and know how to respond appropriately.

I am thankful for the beautiful and sweet spirit that volunteerism brings to all those who labor without expecting anything in return. I am honored to be associated with so many friends who exemplify what it means to happily serve.

I am grateful for beautiful and inspired music.

I am grateful for true friends who understand … and who care …

I am grateful for all that I have, and all that I am – flaws, fats, folds, and all!

I am thankful for love and family …

I am grateful for nights … and for the chance to sleep and rest.

And for the promise of tomorrow.


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