My Gratitude Challenge Day 5

Gratitude Challenge Day 5

I’m on my last day for this 5-day Gratitude Challenge, but, I have decided that I’m will not stop! I’m going to continue this until I ran out of things to be thankful for, which is really impossible, which means I will continue this until the day I no longer can … when God takes back what he has given me … the gift of life.

For yesterday, September 20, here’s my list:

I’m grateful that I have so many things to do … like mountain-loads of laundry which I do in between tasks. At times my laundry pile makes me so stressed up already at the beginning of the day that just imagining how to finish everything takes all my strength even though I have not started yet. Then there’s the house which needs to be cleaned, clutter here and there which needs to be attended to (returned to their proper places or thrown in the garbage), a hairy pet dog who sleeps in my feet when I’m working and who needs regular bathing, then my allergies which makes me sneeze and which makes me cough like my lungs and my eyes would drop out of their socket (which makes sweeping the floor and dusting a not-so-welcome chore), then I have this pain in the neck which has disturbed my sleep for weeks now, and a million other things occupying my mind … BUT, I am not complaining! No I am not! I am grateful that I have so much to do because it gives me purpose and it makes me go to bed at night feeling accomplished. I appreciate the fact that I am still useful and functional, and I have the strength and stamina to do all these.  And I am grateful for good health and strength, and for the chance to work.

We’re always together, almost always. But the ‘kilig’ factor is still there, in fact, stronger than ever. I am grateful for the promise that love is forever, and that families are forever. Many of my friends I have come to understand (they themselves have told me) love their children more than their spouses, and their children are their priorities. Well I love my children so much, and I love him also, very much. There’s no comparing who I love more – my children or my husband. One thing I know is true … ours is not a perfect love story … and ours is not an easy one. We’ve been through a lot and I know will still go through a lot. But I love him and I am grateful that I have him. He’s not perfect but to ask for more (and I have always said …) is to ask for perfection! I am grateful that I am always in love to the one who married me … and who took me as I am.

I am grateful that although we don’t have much, with what we have, we have enough … and we’re happy.


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