My Gratitude Challenge Day 4

My Gratitude Challenge Day 4

I’m one day late (again), so here’s my Gratitude Challenge List for yesterday, Sunday, September 21.

Yesterday, very early in the morning, a child of mine crawled in bed and woke me up and asked me for an advice. With my eyes half closed I told my child that as long as the choice made follows the commandments of God, nothing can go wrong. I assured my child that there is safety in obedience and though the consequence of the choice may require additional effort on the part of my child, the Lord has promised He will help those who love and obey Him. I am grateful for the opportunity to be at my children’s side when they are in the crossroads of their lives where they need to make choices which will affect their lives now and in the future. I am grateful that they trust me enough to come to me believing that I will show them the right way.

I am blessed to be associated with people who are generous. They make people’s dreams come true; they lighten the burden of others; they share with happy hearts; and they find happiness in helping others. God bless kind and generous people.

I am grateful that God established the Sabbath Day – one day in a week to “rest from our labors”, to worship Him, and the day to do His work, in remembrance of Him who atoned for my sins.


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