My Gratitude Challenge Day 3

Gratitude Challenge Day 3

Yesterday was a very busy day for me, and of course for my family. But it was a very meaningful day, and here’s my Gratitude List for yesterday:

1) I am grateful that I am able to experience small miracles in my life and in what I do. I have been taught to always rely upon the Lord in everything, by doing my best first and then to call upon Him for help. Yesterday was a witness that He is in the details of my life and in everything that I do. I have been taught ‘not to rely upon my own strength but on Him that knows everything’ and the small miracles that continue to happen in my life shows me that He listens to my prayers and He answers them with my best interest in His heart.

2) I am grateful for people who are generous, kind, and who serve others with all that they have. Yesterday’s activity was made successful by the many people who contributed their time, talent, skills, and resources for the greater good of the many. I am grateful for organizations and entities who value their social responsibility by showing support to activities with good causes. And I am grateful for all those who shared their enthusiasm and excitement for yesterday’s Family Fun Walk for they have made the activity fun and very memorable!

3) I am grateful for the opportunity to be associated with good people who continue to inspire me with their lives.


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