My Gratitude Challenge Day 2

My Gratitude Challenge Day 2

I am grateful for true friends. They make life’s troubles lighter and life’s triumphs joyful and rewarding. Some are near and some afar, but distance and time are merely numbers for us – they have remained my good friends through thick and thin, despite the miles between us and years that have gone by. They have, time and again, told me upfront what I needed to improve as a person, and they have done it lovingly. They have stood by me when others turned their backs and when others “stabbed” me “within hearing distance”. I am grateful for friends who have reminded me how to sing my songs when I have forgotten the tunes … or when I didn’t want to sing anymore. For friends who made my dreams come true … I cannot thank Heavenly Father enough for them …

I am grateful for inspired authors who have written good books who’s pages contain words of wisdom which, when read, properly understood, and applied, changes lives for the better.

I am grateful for beautiful music, which inspires the heart, and which allows the mind to see clearly, not through the eyes, but through the heart.



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