My Cushioned Heart

Cushioned Heart

Life’s experiences are really the best teachers…

Way back, I came across someone who said that it is better not to make any promises because it’s safer – no commitments, no expectations. That time when I heard it, coming from a “giver’s” point of view, I felt that it was somehow cruel. I felt the person was cruel … insensitive … selfish. I wondered if he will feel the same way if he were on the receiving end?

But there was truth to what he said …  I have learned to live my life differently  …

I never expect anything from anyone. I guess I have learned the art of not hoping and not expecting so as not to be hurt. Because hoping and expecting, and then be disappointed, that really hurts. Somehow I have learned, in time, to get past the feeling.  I learned that there’s no use hoping, expecting, and dwelling on something that I don’t have a claim in the first place.

And so I let things be …

I make promises, and as much as I can I fulfill them. And when I find myself in a situation when I can not, I talk to those who are involved and I explain why … and I apologize.

I remember the saying that has influenced me so much …

“What you want, give …”

Because I do not want how it feels to be hurt, I am extra careful not to hurt others;

Because I do not like the feeling of being ignored, I don’t ignore people;

Because I wish for people to be kinder, I always do my best to be kind, even to those who are not;

Because I don’t like how it feels to wait, I always make sure I am on time; and

Because I love the feeling of being appreciated, I practice gratitude and express it always.

In my life I have literally built a cushion covering for my heart …

I have learned not to expect.

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