My Bucket of Beautiful Seashells

just the way i am ...

It was not a good night. I spent it worrying over something I did not have any power over. As the night progressed,  I watched the people I care about sleep, I felt anxious. I could feel that it’s going to be a long night for me …  I did not feel like browsing the internet anymore, or checking my phone, so I went to my bookshelf to look for something to read. Books, for the longest time, have been my refuge, my friend. I knew I had a book or two I have not read before, and so I looked closer.

I found one; took it; and as I sat in my bed, I opened its pages one by one … and … I read one story after another … until the light from the sun slowly emerging in the east entered my bedroom window.  Morning has come, and…

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