What Makes a Woman a Mother?

And if I can do it all over again? I will! And I’ll have more children! Maybe 3 more!

just the way i am ...

What makes a woman a mother?

This is for all my women-friends: would-be-mothers, and mothers already; and for all the men out there. Just so you know …

Really, what makes a woman a mother?

Oh, you carried each of your children in your womb for nine months, that makes you a mother all right! You gave birth to all of them … normal delivery! Remember the pain when their heads “crowned”? Or via CS, and you had to be careful for months because of your operation …

Or you may be someone who did not literally nurture them in your womb, but nonetheless is a Mother to them in all other aspects …

When they were small, you bathed them every single day, until the time arrived when they could do it themselves. Then all you had to do was prepare the towels and the change of clothing … and pray that they rinsed their…

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