Oh I’m Getting Old, and I Guess It’s Okay Afterall!

 T’was way, way past midnight and we were sitting together when he clicked the remote and on screen came the movie about four senior men who were childhood friends. I looked at the clock and estimated that if we watch it, we’d finish the movie by sunrise. We watched anyway … and we had chips and drinks as we had our impromptu date

I loved the movie – it made me laugh a lot, something that I needed and now, looking back, truly appreciate. There were parts in the movie where I had to wipe a tear or two too, and it was okay…

The movie was about friendship … and about aging … and about life. In a nutshell these are the lessons I learned:

  • Life is about making choices, and those choices determine the quality of our lives;
  • In life we need friends – friends we can love and who will love us back, eccentricities and all;
  • Who we choose to spend our life with matters so much that it determines whether we live a happy, fulfilling life or the contrary;
  • It’s important to have a balanced life – work and fun, friends and family;
  • Know what you want, and get it!
  • Say what you feel
  • Love more by expressing it
  • Worry less
  • Have fun
  • We all will grow old, so it’s better to embrace it and grow old gracefully;
  • There will be second chances, so when it presents itself, be sure you recognize it, and if you want it, don’t let it pass you by!
  • Know when to open your mouth and know when to just keep it shut;
  • It’s always okay to dream, to wish, to hope …
  • Saying goodbye will always be hard, but there will be times in our lives we have to say it;
  • Hello’s are always wonderful;
  • Be not afraid to rediscover yourself, and reinvent yourself if you feel the need to;
  • Follow your passion, and be not afraid to start all over again;
  • Always say “I love you” and mean it!

Before I went to sleep, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the laugh lines in my chubby face. I saw the crease in my forehead, and my “beginning to sag” chin. I saw my drooping eye bags … Yes, I am getting old. 

Then I looked at the picture of my children on the table nearby … they are all grown now.

Then I looked at the man sleeping in my bed – he too has creases on his face, and his hair has begun to turn gray just like mine. We are slowly growing old together and I think that’s a blessing, to have someone to grow old with and to see that although my life is not perfect, it is good!

I have what matters most and I am grateful! 


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