Her First Letter

After more than a month, Myco’s first letter finally arrived. It was handed to me by an Elder, a male missionary, serving in our ward. As he handed the white envelope to me, I asked him if he wrote a letter to his Mother already. He said no and thanked me for reminding him. I told him he should write often to make his Mom know he is well.

April opened the letter and handed to me one sheet which was addressed to the Ward. I sat down and opened it and began to read the first few lines. Then it came … the tears came … and I cried. I just couldn’t help myself; I miss her so much.

I read her letter and came to her testimony of how much she has grown spiritually. I felt warm all over.


Inside the envelope were notes for all of us and a 4-pages handwritten letter for the family. We all agreed to read the rest of the letters at home.

When we got home, we gathered in the bedroom and began to read the individual notes. We were delighted to see that even Nessie, the youngest in the family – our pet dog, had a note from her Ate (lol!).


Then it was time to read the letter, and April started reading it. By the second paragraph she was crying and handed the letter to Sarah for her to continue reading. Sarah declined, for she was also crying. Tonton volunteered to read, saying “ako kay dili man ko mohilak”. He continued to read and we continued to cry … with Daddy pretending he’s not affected … but was in reality wiping away his tears with the pillowcase.

This letter she wrote when she was still in Missionary Training Center, and today she’s already in the field in Santa Ignacia, Tarlac. Tomorrow we’re going to call her and talk to her for as long as our load will last. You see, Missionaries are allowed to call home only on two occasions: Christmas and Mother’s Day. We miss her, yes! I miss her, soooooooo much that I cry every time I see her picture. And honestly I don’t even know until when I’m going to have these crying bouts hahaha! Mormon Mom’s who had children go on missions say it will be this hard the first 3 months, and then things will get a lot better. Well, to this I’d say good luck to myself. Next month Ella will be leaving to serve a mission too and I’ll be starting all over again.

Really, good luck to me hahaha!


This I know though, they are doing the right thing, and the decision to serve voluntarily is one of the most important decisions they will ever make in their lifetime. To have children who have good values and who do what they know is right and honorable is a blessing for me as a parent. I am not a perfect parent, but maybe somehow, somewhere, I did – we did something right to be blessed with such good kids.  They are far from perfect too, but they are trying to do their best … and I believe this is what matters most!

One more day and then it will be Christmas. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!



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