It Has Been 12 Days …


Today, my eldest will leave the MTC and will travel to her assigned area in Angeles, Pampanga. I’m sure she is very excited!

I would be lying if I say I don’t miss her each and every single day because I do. I miss her terribly and when, in between tasks she enters my mind, what I do is I go to their room, I lie down on her bed, and then I hug her pillows.

These past days, after crying for sometime I always end up asleep, and when I wake up, I find her pillows wet with my tears. But I know things will eventually get better … in due time. Besides, I am always comforted with the knowledge and assurance that she is in good hands, His hands.

I know she is enjoying herself and learning so much at the same time. In her last email she said that in the 7 days she’s been in the Missionary Training Center she has grown so much, not physically but spiritually. To many this may sound so cliche, but for a mother like me, what more can I ask? She is in good hands, she is enjoying herself, and she is helping others build eternal families. I am blessed for having a daughter like her.


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