My First Day as a Full Time Missionary’s Mom


Will I miss her? I am missing her already!

Do I see myself crying a lot in the next 18 months? I hope not

Am I worried that I will not be around her to protect her and take care of her needs? No! Because I know with a sure heart that she is in good hands. She will be protected and taken good care of because she is serving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They love her much, much, more – more than I can ever love her.

When she told me that she has decided to serve a mission, I had mixed emotions. I knew she is doing the right thing and I am happy that she finally found the desire to do so. A part of me though began to feel sad because I will definitely miss her – my “officemate”, my critic (especially when it comes to technology, the Internet, social networking sites, Paypal, online banking, etc.), my tutor (she taught me everything I know about online jobs, Google, the Internet, applications), my assistant (she did ALL the technical work related with my calling as Multistake Public Affairs Director), my massage companion (we both love to go to Sentara and have relaxing massages), my parlor-mate (we had pedicures together for years now), my greatest defender, and above all, my confidante.

18 months – that’s how long she will be gone from us physically. We often joked about how long 18 months is … 18 lang ka Fast and Testimony Sunday, 18 lang ka bayad sa PLDT, 18 lang ka visit sa iyang Daddy sa lain nga ward on the 3rd Sunday of the month … I’m sure 18 months is not that long.

In the last weeks that we were preparing for her to leave, we came to realize how blessed we are. We came to know for sure that we have so many friends in the Church – friends who truly love us. One time we told Myco “ayaw na lang dayon kay mingawon mi”. Her response was: “Nah, ayaw kay maulaw ko! Sa kaadaghan sa nag support sa ako, lupig pa ang Christmas!” Indeed, so many helped her I can not agree more when she say “sobra pa gyod sa Christmas!”

We will miss her … but again it’s just for 18 months. And just like what her kind Australian employer told her when she told them she’s resigning because she will be serving a mission for the church … “I’m not accepting your resignation. Consider it a long vacation leave. Your job will be here when you get back!” We will be here when she comes home. And although things will never be the same again (because we will all be 18 months older), I’m sure our love for each other will be stronger.

We’re all in this together, until forever!


With Sister Tezz Baldado ♥

RS Sisters of CdO 1st Ward

With the Relief Society  Presidency

With Sister Ching

With Sister Ligaya

Bishop Sacay and his family

wit the SA's, Sister Sty Ballados, and the Full Time Missionaries of the Ward

with Sister Myerna and Sister Reca

with Sister Judith Go

with her Primary students

Sister Returned Missionaries of CdO 1st Ward


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