A Mother’s Dilemma


I close my eyes and she’s the last I see; I open my eyes again and I still see her seated where I saw her last as I closed my eyes the night before. Right after every meal she stands up, leaves the rest of us finish our meal while she goes back to what she’s doing in the computer, something that she’s been working on for as long as I can remember. She hardly has time to watch anything with us anymore; she leaves home early, stays in school up to 9 in the evening, and can barely go with us Mall hopping anymore. She has pimples where there used to be none, and she complains of constant headache and hyperacidity.

Then I hear her cry out of frustration, and when I asked her why she told me I about how her teacher regularly misses her scheduled classes and then schedule make-up classes on holidays and weekends. I also came to know how her teacher uses Facebook for assignment submission and consultation, and my first instinct is to call the teacher and give her a piece of my mind and give her a lecture on the proper use of social networking sites.  Then I was given that waiver which turned my straight hair kinky! And I also heard about this particular teacher who gives high grades to male students and low grades to female students, and just over the weekend, how her teacher rejected their proposal without exactly telling them what’s wrong. The teacher just told them that it was wrong and they have to change it, period.

Mother and Daughter

Well, I’ve been there, and I was a student before, and I know that a student’s life is really very challenging. I understand perfectly well because I too am still a student until now – still struggling to finish my post graduate studies.  I know the life of a student, and sadly, I know how it feels to be at the mercy of teachers … looking back when I was still in my college days …

In saying this I don’t mean to disrespect all teachers because I was one time a teacher too, and I taught in the tertiary level as a part-time college instructor. But I think I have to say this (or write this here), some teachers are good, but then there are teachers who do not deserve the title “teacher” at all. In all those years that I taught, I came to know a lot about the intricacies of the teaching profession.  Teaching for me is a noble calling, but I am not really sure if all teachers feel this way.  I know a lot of teachers who love what they do and that love is reflected in the way they do things. I also know a lot of teachers who work as if they hate what they’re doing, and it shows in the way they handle their classes and their students.

I am in a dilemma because I can not fight my daughter’s battles. All I can do is tell her to be patient, to work harder and smarter, and just to do her best. If she still gets a failing mark after doing her best, then it doesn’t really matter. Grades, after all, is not an absolute reflection of whether you’re good or not in your classes. Why? Don’t ask me anymore … Let’s just say I know enough to know when to shut my mouth up!

Images courtesy of marin & David Castillo Dominici/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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