But What If?

Crying Woman

I came across this interesting post entitled Marriage Isn’t for You in Facebook, and I agree with everything that was written. For example, the blogger shared that he loved his girlfriend but he was afraid to get married. Then he talked to his Father and he was later taught very important lessons about loving. His father told him what marriage is all about:

  • that marriage is not about expecting to be loved; marriage is all about loving someone
  • Marriage is more about giving and not receiving.
  • Marriage is about sacrifice and being selfless, in finding happiness by making someone, the other person, happy.

I can not agree more! His father is right!

But then … what if?

But what if you’ve given your all and it seems like things are not working the way you want to?

And what if you’ve given your all and the other person makes you feel like you’ve not given enough?

What if you’ve given more than what you even think you’re capable of, and you’re not getting even half of what you feel you deserve?

What if you’ve sacrificed all, and hoped for the best, believing that somehow, someday, the other person will see and appreciate all that you’ve done … and wake up one day finding that hope slowly fading away?

What do you do?

Will you stop loving altogether? Will you hate yourself for loving so much and hoping?

Will you hate the other person?

What will you do?

What can you do?

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One thought on “But What If?

  1. ‘If’, then perhaps you need to grasp, Darling, that you deserve someone who will love you. Love you endlessly, unselfishly. He is coming, now is time for you to prepare to be the best wife to him by firstly loving and learning about yourself and what you hope for in him, naturally.

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