The Things That I Have to Do Now Simply Because They Can’t Wait for Tomorrow …

Mother and Son

Have you ever thought about the things that only you can do? Task, duties, responsibilities that you can never delegate to anybody, even to your husband, to your mother, to your mother-in-law, or to your older children, much more to your nannies? I have, and here’s my list of those things and my explanation why they are mine and mine alone. But there’s more! Aside from the fact that I am solely responsible for all of them, time is also an important element in their accomplishment. There is urgency in my doing all of them now simply because they cannot be postponed nor delayed, for doing so will have dire consequences. When you finish reading I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. 

So what are my responsibilities? It is my sacred duty to accomplish the following:

  • Teach my children about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Gospel;
  • Teach my children to develop a personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ – by praying sincerely (to express gratitude and then to ask), by reading and studying the scriptures daily, and by listening and heeding to the promptings of the Holy Ghost;
  • Teach them about emotional maturity by talking to them and allowing them to ask questions and share their thoughts and feelings on things that matter to them;
  • Teach them to be kind, to be more understanding and more forgiving;
  • Teach them to be honest, even if they are alone or nobody else is;
  • Teach my children about relationships – things that only I, their Mother, can teach in all honesty, because I have their best interest in my heart;
  • Teach my children to always prioritize what matters most in life;
  • Teach my children to always and in everything, “begin with the end in mind”;
  • Teach them about parenthood; How to become good mothers and fathers to their future children;
  • Teach my children the value of work by letting them work; 
  • Teach them to read good books and to love learning;
  • Teach them to respect others, no matter what the circumstances are;
  • Teach them to be law abiding citizens;
  • Teach them to be responsible individuals, always mindful of others;
  • Teach them about service and doing the Lord’s work;
  • Teach them to cook and do household chores like clean and do laundry, and to enjoy doing them;
  • Teach my children how to be financially responsible by encouraging them to work in order to earn, and then to save; And the list can go on and on and on …

Many times in the past and even today, as I think about the things I still have to do to prepare my children for the future, I feel overwhelmed especially because I am expected to teach by example. A lot of times, those around me expect too much, perhaps forgeting that even though I am older, I am still ‘growing’ myself, learning as I move along, making mistakes along the way. But then I am comforted with the knowledge that someone is watching over me, prodding me to heed and act upon inspirations generously given. And I have a loving partner who supports me all the way. I am truly blessed. 

But the fact remains unchanged: these things I have to do myself, now and not tomorrow, because life has a timeline I have to follow. The teaching moments, my teaching moments, are today, here and now, while my children are still with me, when they are still under my charge, when they are still young and eager to learn and to know and grow. This is what Heavenly Father expects from me now, today, not tomorrow when it’s convenient or when the time is right for me.

My Children

In the end, when the time comes for my Personal Interview with the Lord Jesus Christ, I am sure the first question He will ask me is not whether I was the highest paid training consultant in my circle of influence, or whether I was the best teacher in the school where I taught. I’m sure my accountability will be more on how I magnified my duty as a Mother to my children, and of course as a wife to my husband. Why? Because this is His plan of happiness, and I promised and committed to be part of it.

My responsibilities as a Mother I can NOT delegate, for they are mine and mine alone. Difficult? Yes! But it can be done! Many women are already doing it, and I am so grateful for the wonderful examples of many of these women!

Thus it is my hope that when the time comes and I will be facing my Savior to account for my life, I will be able to look Him in the eye and return and report in the affirmative, for my sake, not His. For after all, this life, my life, is about me proving to Him that I deserve to be in His presence, again.

 Images courtesy of Sura Nualpradid & Jomphong /


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