What Matters Most to You?


The secret to happiness is not really a secret. We just have to know what will make us truly and genuinely happy, and then have enough courage to make all our decisions based on that.

In life, there are so many “temptations” which may deceive us, for they are designed to do exactly that. In today’s world the choices we all have to make is no longer just between right or wrong. More often, we also have to choose between good, better, and best.


Have you really spent enough time reflecting on what these choices are? For example, think about the many choices women today have to make. Women who are married and who have growing children, for instance, have to choose whether to stay at home and take care of her young children or work outside the home in order to help provide for the needs of family. Both are good choices, both are made with the family’s interest at heart. But could it be possible to make a better choice? A choice devoid of regrets … of words “if only” and/or “it might have been”?

How about working abroad? To work in order to earn so that one can provide well is an honorable intention. But then there are other questions worth asking here, like when? now or later? Until when or for how long? Then again, the same tugging question: Is there a better choice?

To many, this process of looking within can be disheartening. A famous Filipino adage says …”Bahalag’ saging basta loving” … then there’s the opposite – “love flows out of the window when hunger strikes in!”  These are all true, and as normal human beings, what stands out is always this – we want only the best for ourselves and our families. But then here’s another question worth asking: How would you define what’s BEST?

To find the answer, we just have to look within our hearts and find there what we value the most in this life, and then to make those things that matters most our priority when we making decisions.  For after all, decisions determine destiny.

It will not be easy, but we have been promised it will be worth it!


Images courtesy of artztsamui & David Castillo/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Here’s another post that might interest you, and it explains further some of the things mentioned in this post : https://mariachristinaconcepcion.wordpress.com/2010/11/30/the-mirror-and-you/



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