Cagayan de Oro: A little Hope Is Better than No Hope at All

Cagayan de Oro

I wrote this last July 1 when the new administration took over. But then somehow, for some reason I can no longer remember, I never got to finish this, all the more post this here.

Today, realizing that it has been months since I last updated this Blog, I am finishing this article and hopefully publish this before I hit the sack tonight.

So here goes what I wrote almost 2 months ago, plus some updates …

(July 1)

I used to be skeptical about a lot of things, but then I realized that a little hope is better than no hope at all. I am happy for my City – we have something to look forward to and be excited about.

So what are these things I am excited about?

I am really looking forward to a cleaner City with no more vendors occupying two to three lanes of the major streets all over the Cogon Market. I used to complain a lot each and every time my husband and I drive around Cogon Market. Very limited parking space, very dirty streets, and worst of all, market vendors occupying three lanes of the streets surrounding the market, unmindful of the inconveniences they are causing the greater public.

I like the idea that starting today, July 1, there will no longer be Night Cafe in Divisoria every Friday and Saturday night. For a time I enjoyed Night Cafe; the wares sold there were cheap and affordable plus it served as a destination for families to enjoy a cool evening while walking and eating street foods. However, there came a point that it became an eye sore.  Vendors started putting up stalls earlier than 5 pm and it used to be that Night Cafe was only every Friday and Saturday night. Later, however, vendors began occupying the sidewalks of Divisoria every night 7 days a week.

Then there’s more …

The idea of a more disciplined people when it comes to obeying traffic rules. No more drivers just stopping where they want and when they want; No more pedestrians crossing just anywhere and boarding PUJ’s in non-designated loading and unloading areas; a better equipped City Hospital; more sensitive, honest, and dynamic City Government employees and officials (wala nay mag tinapul sa City Hall, wala nay mag under-the table transactions, og wala nay istrikta nga wala sa lugar); no more thieves and hold-upers aboard jeepneys; and no more smokers in non-smoking areas.

It has been 2 months and 1 day since I wrote this … and up until now I still have to see the changes that I really want. Of course the Night Cafe has been transferred, and I like their new location. It may not be as busy yet as it used to be when it was still in Divisoria, but I’m hopeful that people will soon find them and things will be better for everyone. The streets? They’re better than before, but it can still improve. The vendors? Well, some are still selling in the sidewalks, but things are better than before. And things can still get so much better.

I hope to see in my lifetime Cagayan progressing from good, to better, to best!


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