How Are You Responding to the Changes Happening Now?


Here’s something for all of us to think about …

As parents, when we discipline our children, does it mean we don’t love them? When we take away privileges (such as mobile phone use, internet use, use of the car, or the chance to go out with friends during weekends or school breaks) as a consequence for breaking a family rule, does it mean we love them less? When we withhold certain privileges because they failed to clean their rooms or do their assigned chores, does it mean we don’t love them? Why do we say they have to clean their rooms when we have house helps who can do a much better job?

Why do we maintain on saying “no” when saying “yes” is often more convenient and less confrontational?

Why do we have rules at home? Why do we teach our children to be responsible? Why do we teach our children right and wrong? Why are we teaching our children that there are consequences to every choice they make? Why do we say no, for example, to sleepovers when our children say they like it and there’s no harm with it because they’re doing it with their friends?

Why do schools have rules that students must obey?
Why do offices have policies that all employees must follow?
Why are there traffic rules?
Why can we not just bring guns anytime we want, anywhere we want, and just shoot anyone we want?
Why do we have lawyers?
Why is theft and robbery a crime?
Why is killing a crime?
Why do we have municipal and city ordinances?
Why do we have the House of Representative and the Senate?
Why do we have laws?

Think about all these questions in this context: the absence of any law will result to what?


Now tell me, would you rather that we don’t have rules and laws to follow?

Someone will probably ask: “what about if the law is unjust?” To such a question my reply would be: “In what sense is it unjust?”

Then think about all these some more: when the law(s) were made, whose welfare was in the mind of the lawmakers? Is it for a few or the greater majority?

Sometimes, upholding a law becomes unpopular because it appears to be less favorable to some. But then the key is always to look at the bigger picture. Ask: will the law improve the lives of the greater majority or just a chosen few? Will it lead to a betterment of the many or just a few? Will it lead to progress or not?

For some of us, some changes happening today may be painful. But these changes are necessary, and there are laws upholding it. For the first time, we are seeing positive changes where laws are implemented to the letter. We should be ecstatic about it! The future is bright, and there is hope! We should all be happy!

Maybe we have forgotten how we felt when we saw, for the longest time, how simple laws such as “no smoking in public places” or “no loading and unloading in specific areas” were openly violated. Today we should be grateful that order is being restored and laws are being upheld and sustained. We should be happy that there is a plan for better things in the future, for everyone, especially the poor and the underprivileged. There are plans and consultations are ongoing. People from all sectors are being asked; answers are heard; and suggestions and recommendations are being implemented. We just have to be patient and be more open minded. We need to sacrifice a little so we will improve as a people and then as a City.

It is my hope that we will see the bigger picture and be the champions of hope. Let us help others understand and see the bigger picture … and be part in making that future a reality.


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