Do You Know Why Hungry People Easily Gets Angry?

Angry Man

Do you ever wonder why some people are easily agitated, hostile, or most of the time angry? Maybe they missed a meal! This is a fact! In fact, this is very common with people who are trying to lose weight.  So, if you’re around someone who misses a meal regularly, or someone who is following a fad diet or is on a crash diet, be extra careful!

I’m sure though that you want and explanation on this, so here are some interesting information explaining why.

According to a recent study, people who are hostile, people who are easily angered, are most likely people with very low serotonin levels. There is a big chance that they are like this simply because they missed eating a good full meal. According to the study, people who do not eat are more prone to violence or aggression. This is because when serotonin levels are low, and this happens when a person has not eaten, controlling emotional responses to anger becomes more difficult. So this explains why people who are on crash diets are most of the time irritable and are almost always “grumpy”; it’s the low serotonin in their system that’s causing it.

Full Meal

The study was done by the Cambridge University of Britain and was published in the journal Biological Psychiatry. In the study, the diets of the volunteers were changed. Two appointed days were chosen and were given the names Serotonin Depletion Day and Placebo Day. On the Serotonin Depletion Day, the volunteers were given a combination of amino acids which lacked tryptophan, the building block for serotonin. This had an effect similar to what happens when a person does not eat. On the placebo day, the volunteers were given the same mixture but with a standard amount of tryptophan. This had an effect similar to what happens when a person eats. The volunteers were then made to view images depicting facial expressions such as anger, sadness, and neutral expressions. While this was going on, the brains of the volunteers were scanned using functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI.

Through this exercise the researchers were able to measure how different brain regions responded to and communicated with each other. The results showed that for volunteers with low brain serotonin, which happens when a person has not eaten, communication between the amygdala and the frontal lobes were weak. The opposite holds true when the volunteers’ serotonin levels were normal.

So, if you want to live a stress free life by not being angry all the time, eat! Just be sure that you eat regularly and healthily so that you will have enough serotonin to keep you smiling and happy!


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