I’m FAT! So What? (2nd of a Series)

If you’ve read my first post on being fat, then you will know where I’m coming from. If you haven’t, then here’s a little background …I used to be slim, but now I’m fat! That may sound harsh but you know what? Some things have to be said as they are. Actually, sugar coating truths more often lead to trouble … so I believe it’s better to be out frank about this truth (and I’m okay with it because I’m the one describing myself hahaha!). I guess if someone else will do the same (like say I’m fat – I’d say “you better watch your mouth!” Hahaha!)
So that’s it! I weigh more than I should! Am I happy about it? Of course not! Have I tried losing weight? Of course! Many times! And have I succeeded? Yes, a few years ago! From a waistline of almost 40 I was able to bring it down to 30. That’s a lot of inches down, I tell you! But as most weight loss stories end, I gained all the weight I lost. I then concluded losing weight is not as difficult as maintaining it!
How did I do it? Well, it started when a friend told me upfront that I was smart all right, but I lacked on thing – self discipline! That was kind of brutal, but he was right. So I started my first ever serious attempt to lose weight. In 8 months I did it; I succeeded.
But as I said, the triumph was short-lived. And now I’m fat again! But I won’t be for long, because I’m trying again, and I’m little by little succeeding. For a month now I’ve broken up with the main reason for my weight gain – COKE! I’m glad I’m off it and I have no craving anymore for it!
So why this 2nd post on being fat?
Well, because my kids, they want me to lose weight but they don’t really want me to look the way I did when I successfully reduced my weight a few years back. For them, my look then was “hadlok!” My son described me as “mora ka nag sakit ‘My!”. Besides, according to them, I will not look like Mommy anymore if I’m slim. Hah! But they’re all very supportive. Like they would turn on the Xbox every morning so I can do Dance Central or play sports. When I get a second helping of rice, they would give me “the look”. I guess with their support, losing weight again will not be that hard.
For now, I’m still fat, and so what? Yes I still look as fat as ever, but I feel lighter and much much better! Will I get back to my old HS shape? Nah, I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll look even better! Nyahahaha! Seriously though, I am fat, yes, and I would really give anything to lose a few kilos and become healthier and yes, slimmer!
But if I don’t? I’m really okay with it. Besides, I know one thing is true, with change comes challenges … and although I understand some changes may be for good, but some come with a price too high to pay.Again … today I’m still fat! But I tell you, it’s not gonna stay this way for long hahaha!

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