I’m FAT! So What? (1st of a Series)


What do you do when you meet someone you’ve not seen for a long time and the person tells you in loud voice (loud enough for other people to hear) … with the matching hand-covering-the-mouth gesture pa gyod: “Hala oi! Naunsa na man ka?” (Translation, kay naa koy mga foreigner friends nga nag read nyahaha!: My Golly! What happened to you?) Well, a few days ago an old acquaintance said the exact words to me. Of course I smiled and complimented her because she looked … nice?

So how did I feel?Well, I did not really mind … a little I guess. I can see where she’s coming from. I did gain a lot of weight, but that’s just about it. Honestly speaking, in my unbiased opinion (nyahaha), I look much better now (hahaha!) than before and If only she saw my brain, she’d know that I am also a lot smarter now compared before hehehe!

Pero hangyo lang, my dear friends (translation: Can I ask a favor?). If ever you find yourself in a similar situation, and you happen to think that you look better and nicer than your old friend from way back nineteen kupong kupong, ayaw lang pod kusga og ayo imong comment! Mora man pod og gusto gyod nimo i announce sa whole wide world (Translation: Please don’t announce it to the whole world hahaha I’m exaggerating a bit!) that you look better than the other person. Maayo raba unta og tinuod nyahaha! (Unless its true!) Remember, the statement “looking good” is subjective hahaha! It really depends on who’s saying it and on who’s looking. Basin baya lahi ang tan aw sa uban (you may be mistaken).

Another suggestion … If you have nothing nice to say, better not say anything at all. Or maybe you can compliment her hair, or her bag, or her … whatever. Just be sincere (meaning, ayaw pag bugal bugal). Remember that people have feelings and it’s always better to be nice and kind.


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