Top 3 Dieting Mistakes You Might Be Making!

weight loss

Do you ever wonder why after all that you have done, you’re not losing weight as much as you would like to?  You may be committing any or all of these 3 common mistakes.

1) Eating Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Think … how many minutes do you spend to consume your entire meal? Do you enjoy every bite or do you go through your meal like there’s no tomorrow? Health experts are saying that eating fast is not good, especially for people who want to lose weight.  The key is to chew slowly so as to digest the food properly and to give your body time to feel full.

2) Skipping the Big B!

Some people have this misconception that by missing breakfast, they are saving themselves from unnecessary calories. Some justify this by saying “brunch” is better; saves calories and saves money. This is wrong! Your body’s metabolism needs to start working early and breakfast fuels it! When you skip breakfast, it means that your body’s metabolism will begin working middle of the day and that’s not good! If you’re really serious about losing weight, follow this saying that’s as old as time but certainly true: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a Prince, and dinner like a Pauper”.


3)  Eating Without Thinking

I know some people who munch away just about anything they can put their hands on: chips, peanuts, biscuits, choco chips … and this goes on the whole day through, yet they expect to lose weight. Health experts call this “mindless eating”. Mindless eaters justify their action by saying that “less and often” is better than “seldom and in bulk”. This again is wrong because those chips and biscuits, however small in quantity, can actually add to so much at the end of the day. If you’re really determined to lose the excess weight, be conscious about what you put into your mouth.

Is it really difficult to lose weight? The answer is simple:

It is not if you’re not really committed to doing it all the way through.

It is if you want it bad enough.

So the bottom line is this: really decide for yourself now what you want. You hold the key! Only you can  make it happen!


Images courtesy of Ambro and rakratchada torsap/


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