My Bucket of Beautiful Seashells

It was not a good night. I spent it worrying over something I did not have any power over. As the night progressed,  I watched the people I care about sleep, I felt anxious. I could feel that it’s going to be a long night for me …  I did not feel like browsing the internet anymore, or checking my phone, so I went to my bookshelf to look for something to read. Books, for the longest time, have been my refuge, my friend. I knew I had a book or two I have not read before, and so I looked closer.

I found one; took it; and as I sat in my bed, I opened its pages one by one … and … I read one story after another … until the light from the sun slowly emerging in the east entered my bedroom window.  Morning has come, and sleep did elude me … but I finished the whole book.  I felt my eyelids heavy … but although I have not slept the whole night, I did find something.

Today I’m hoping that “that something” I found will help me through any sad and bad day, like today.


Of the many stories I came across, one struck me the most. It’s a story of a woman with a bucket of seashells. This woman loved seashells so much that she likened all the people she loves and cares for as her precious seashells. She said that anybody who comes into her life and touches hers for good, she picks each and every one ever so carefully like her favorite seashells, and puts them into her bucket, her heart, to keep them forever.  She then said that the only way to keep all the people we love close to us is by keeping them close to our heart by remembering what we love most about them and what they have done to us and for us. She taught that in life, it is simply impossible to keep anybody physically close. She said that people we love and care for will one day soon leave, and there’s nothing we can do about it because it’s just one of the facts of life. But they only leave physically, and although the physical separation can be most hurting, it does not mean we stop caring and loving. Memories live forever, and that’s her secret. She said that every time she misses someone, she simply reaches deep into her bucket-full of seashells … takes a deep breath … and remember.

Today I’m going to start and fill my own bucket of beautiful seashells. Maybe it will help make my days brighter, and maybe, just when the sun refuses to make me smile, I can reach down into my own bucket of beautiful seashells and remind me of the many reasons why I should smile again.


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