Woman to Woman, Mother to Daughter

Me and My Daughters

One of the greatest blessings of having a mother is this: as a daughter you have the best teacher in the whole wide world who wants the best for you … nothing less. A teacher who’ll teach you about truths and things never taught in classrooms … things that really matters most. And she teaches all these things without sugar coating any of them … to prepare you well for what is to come.

I am a mother to four wonderful daughters and they mean the world to me. I want only the best for them, nothing less. Their happiness is my happiness … If they fail, I fail too! If they end up hurt, I will be hurting just as much, if not more. Of course I can not shield them from all harm and danger, but I can try to prepare them well so that when it happens, they know how to face them fair and square.

These are the most important things I have taught my daughters, and will continue teaching them. I hope that when they become mothers themselves in God’s due time, they too will teach their own daughters, and their sons too!

That they can always reach for the stars and reach their greatest potential!

Know What You Want In Life. Begin with the end in mind. If you know what you want, it will be easy to plan how to get there! Just be sure to want the right things, the best things, the things that matters most. I know you know what I mean. Remember, eternal.

Get As Much Education As Possible. Good education will prepare you for the future. While getting it you will develop discipline, perseverance, diligence, and many other positive traits and skills. Think of education as your key to success, as a individual and as a contributing member of the society. Think also of education as your way of preparing to become a good parent someday. Remember that someday soon you will be a Mother and thus your children’s first teacher. You can not give what you do not have; you can not teach what you do not know, so prepare well.

Study hard and get the kind of education which you believe will make you develop your intellectual capacities to its fullest. Remember also that the intelligence you gain in this life you bring with you in the next. So be sure to choose the kind of education which will hone your skills, train and prepare you for your future.

Think Well About Your Future Career

What work would you like to be doing when you’re older? At a very early age, you should already ask yourself this question because it is important that the choices you make early on in your studies will be focused on your goal. The kind of education you will get when you enter college should lead you to a career that you will love and enjoy doing when you’re older; something that will make you feel good about yourself and something that will make you a contributor to the greater good.

Remember that A Career Is Just A Means, Not An End 

Never forget that careers are simply a means to an end, not the end itself. The career you choose will help you develop your talents and skills while earning a decent living. You work in order to earn so you can provide for your personal needs. At some point in your life, you may have to set aside your career to attend to more important and urgent needs, such as marriage, bearing children, nurturing them, and taking care of your husband and your home. Be sure that your career will not make this decision hard. Again remember that careers are simply a means to an end – it is not the reason, the objective, or the sole purpose of your life.

Take Good Care of Your Body

Yesterday, we watched a lot of women belly dance in a local mall. I was very impressed with the instructor – she maintained her body well. She was obviously older than me but she looked awesome! Looking at her, I was struck with sadness. I used to have a fit body like hers. It dawned on me that I did not take good care of my body.

Ladies, never use pregnancy and giving birth as an excuse for not taking good care of your body. Do not over eat when you get pregnant and exercise regularly. Stay fit! More often, the little things, when they are neglected, they become the big things later on in life, and when they do, it’s harder to change them anymore.

Me and My Girls 2

On Relationships and Loving Another Person

They say you will never find a perfect person, and this is true. But don’t worry, you are not perfect too! Nobody is perfect!

This may be cliché but it certainly is true: you can only say you have found the right person if and when he loves, respects, and accepts you as a whole package – flaws, imperfections, weaknesses, weirdness, uniqueness, and strengths all rolled into one being – you. Loving means not being coerced or forced to change to fit the profile the other person feels is right or acceptable. Genuine love means not being afraid to show who you really are. Of course people have negative traits, and these have to be changed for the better. But those traits should not be made the reason for withholding love or made as a condition for something in return.

Choose someone who respects your womanhood, someone who will take good care of you and treat you special. Someone who will make you his number one priority – not his job, his hobby, his interests, not even his mother. Remember than when you are married, your loyalty should be to each other. Of course respecting your parents is also a must, but there never should be a competition for attention between a wife and a mother-in-law, a wife and a sister, or both. And chose someone who will not compare you to his Mother … or his sister.

Choose someone who will allow you to “spread your wings and help you fly”! Being married does not mean you lose your identity as a person. Marriage should help you become the best that you can ever be through your partner’s inspiration and encouragement. Unfortunately, not very many married people realize this, or even understands this, so for them, marriage is simply the end of so many things.

Choose someone who understands that providing for the family is a man’s responsibility, someone who will encourage you to stay at home and worry less about money. He does not have to be rich or anything – he only needs to be diligent, hardworking, and responsible.

Choose someone who will criticize you lovingly. It takes a good man to do that.

Choose someone who you believe (with all your heart) will love you even if you look like a whale … or if lose all your hair or teeth … or when you begin to pee on your pants … Someone who will take care of you should things turn worst …

This is the reason why dating is important. Give yourselves time to get to know the person better. Observe … listen … watch. Do you like what you’re seeing? Do you see eye to eye? Do you hold the same principles? These things are crucial because they will affect the quality of your lives later on when you’re married.

How to Get Over a Broken Heart

Not all relationships will work, so there’s no other way but to get over a broken heart. So how does one get over a broken heart?

I am not really sure how … maybe I am too old to remember? All I can remember is I cried for days and that I felt so useless and unloved. I had no one to talk to and I felt so alone.

Hearts are broken for many reasons. But whatever the reasons are, one thing is certain … there will be plenty of tears that will be shed as the feelings remain. I remember someone telling me a long time ago, and sadly I can no longer recall who, but this person told me that if only she can do something to ease the pain I felt then. Then she said …”If only it were a sack of rice, I would gladly carry it for you”. Unfortunately, the pain from broken hearts simply can not be shared. It is even very hard to explain. But being able to talk to someone will ease some of the pain, especially if that someone is a friend who genuinely cares.

I know one thing to be true though … time heals all broken hearts. If something did not work out, then it was not meant to be. Period.

I am grateful that Heavenly Father gave me the chance to be a mother. I’m doing the best I can the best way I know how. 


One thought on “Woman to Woman, Mother to Daughter”

  1. How to get over a broken heart? Let yourself cry a river. Take one day at a time to heal. It helps to put away things that remind you of the relationship. Keep positive thoughts or sayings that you repeat to yourself when you feel a meltdown coming. The hurt will heal in time. To be honest, it helped me to think of the things I did not like about the person just to be mean. hahaha I did not backbite though. Just kept it to myself. It worked for me. Then I moved on.

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