Stop … Look … Listen!

Traffic Light

Stop … look … listen!

When I was in the Kindergarten, I remember fondly how my teacher Mrs. Isidro kept mentioning these three words over and over again. We even sang songs about it and now, as I think about it, I can’t help but remember again how these three words kept ringing in my ears all my growing up years. She would always remind us, every dismissal, to first stop, then look, and listen, before crossing any street. She said that as long as we follow and do as told, these three words will keep us safe from harm and danger while crossing the street.

Just today, out of nowhere, I remembered her and this lesson she taught us 40 years ago. As I reflected on the three words, it dawned on me that maybe my teacher then did not realize that these three short words is just not about crossing streets, it is also a wise counsel so one can live a better life. Maybe she did not think we’d understand then. But I do now.

Stop … and then ask. Are the things that I am doing now the things that will give me the happiness that I truly want?

Look … Am I headed in the right direction? Are the things that are keeping me busy going to give me the things that will make me the happiest? Yes it may sound selfish but really, is it not that happiness is in fact the object of our existence? It is what we work for, we dream about, and we long for every single day of our lives.

And then …

Listen … to your heart, because the heart tells the truth.



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