Goodbye Brother Moss! ‘Till We Meet Again! Maybe We Can Do A CW Up There?

Moises Gudito

All those years in the CdO ERC, he was always the source of laughter. But more that the laughter and the jokes, he was a man so rich with experience and he was very generous in sharing all of them to the participants and to us his co-facilitators. He was so passionate about what we were doing because he believed that everybody has a chance to succeed in life.

We’ve been to so many Career Workshops together here in Cagayan de Oro, in Iligan, in Ozamis, I think even in Butuan. We’ve also traveled and joined Youth Conferences and Single Adults Conferences as far as Cabadbaran in Agusan del Norte.

I remember how he would always close his Module on Continuing Success – he would share the story of the bird, the boy, and the old man. I’ve carried on Brother Moss! I always end all my workshops with the story of the bird. Thank you for sharing it to me … and know that from now on, every time I share it, it will be in your remembrance.

I did not go see him … because I want to remember him as he was … bubbly and full of smiles. He died a painful death, and although I mourn for his loss, I am comforted that now he is finally resting from pain.

‘Till we meet again Bro Moss!

Career Workshop


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