What’s In My Bucket List? I Hope I’ll Get to Do All These Before I Die =)

A lot of people I know do not really like to talk about getting old and finally “resting”. For many of them, the topic is simply morbid and they would rather not talk about it just yet. I felt that way too before, and honestly, even now… a little.

Lately however, I came to realize that time has flown so fast and there are still a few things I would love to do before I turn too old and grey.  Someday soon, I know age will make doing some of these things no longer ‘acceptable’ or ‘feasible’ for one reason or another. Simply put, I know time will come when I will be too old to do the things that I love, things that I did not do before.

So here’s my bucket list, the things I would like to do before I die …

Sing again, and sing my heart out!

I don’t really have a lovely singing voice, but I don’t know why every time I see or hear someone sing, it makes me cry. I used to sing when I was younger but I stopped. I totally stopped. So I’m going to sing again, even if it means I’ll do it in the bathroom or while doing my laundry.

Dance Again


Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with dancing. But one can not dance alone. Today, I will not mind dancing alone.

I’m also very interested with Tap Dancing … so I might just download from You Tube Tap Dancing tutorials and start from there hahaha!

See places Near and Far

I would love to travel … the only challenge is I want to do it with Romel and my five children. So … Ilocos Norte and Sur, see you in a year and 7 months! Then Baler! And Coron, Palawan!

Learn Martial Arts 

This is one thing I would really really really really love to do! I did ask someone I know for help already a few years back … She’s a black belt in Karate and she was my classmate in the MBA Program years before and a good friend named Lourdz Abao.  Lourdz, what do you think? Can I still do it at my age now? I’m already working on losing a few more pounds so maybe in a month or two perhaps? I’ll visit you when I’m finally ready. Wish me good luck!

self defense

Then there’s this other thing that has really taken my fancy: Arnis! I so love the idea of whacking someone using an Arnis (is that how it’s called?), an umbrella, a hanger, a broomstick, a ladle, or better yet, a baseball bat! No, I don’t have anger management issues … I think.  But who knows? The skill might just come in handy – and it’s always better when we’re prepared!

Hey! I’m no Marian Rivera and this is not intended to misrepresent me (HAHAHA!).  I just could not find a nice photo of a lady doing Arnis so I used this one hahaha!


And shoot! Yes, and not just fire! Is there time enough for me to learn and be a sniper? I would be happiest person in the whole wide world if I can make this happen before I die! Then I would be the hottest 65-year Sniper Momma in this part of the country hahaha!


Write A Book … Or Books!

On what topics? One or two Children’s Bedtime Stories (I remember my Mama’s story about Edna). Ella and Tonton can help me with the illustrations. A few on Parenting and Marriage and Relationships. Maybe one about Motivation …

Then I would love to learn how to play the guitar. It used to be “learn to play the piano” but I changed my mind. I love listening to Boyce Avenue, Tristan Prettyman, and Daniela Andrade and I just love the soothing sound of acoustic guitar, that’s the reason why. My two kids, Myco and Sarah, are both very good in playing the guitar and they learned how to do it all by themselves … so I guess it’s not really that hard. My only challenge? My fingers are too short and too chubby nyahaha! But I’ll find a way around this! I know I can!

Well, for now that’s more like it. But I will surely add a few more to this list.


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