Mormon Helping Hands Helps Habitat for Humanity Build Houses in CdO

Mormon Helping Hands

For the more than 400 Mormon Helping Hands Volunteers, May 1 started very early. Most rose from their beds as early as 4 am to prepare for the day ahead – to render service as volunteers to the “6,000 Volunteers, 600 Houses, One City, One CdO” Build-A-House Labor Day Project of the Habitat for Humanity Philippines in Pagatpat, Cagayan de Oro City. The Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers gathered at 5:00 in the morning at the Misamis Oriental Capitol Grounds. After a very short opening program, they proceeded to the venue in Pagatpat in a convoy.

The task was “Backfilling” – moving “filling materials” or soil from one point to another. In this case, the mounts of soil were piled along the roadside and had to be loosened first using digging bars. The loose soil then had to be placed inside sacks and brought – carried by hand – to the insides of the houses in preparation for the flooring. It was manual labor and heavy work requiring strength! Under normal circumstances, this task would be work for the men.

To the Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers who participated in this community service project for Habitat for Humanity, gender was not an issue. Both men and women did hard labor and it did not really matter whether the sun was scorching hot or that the drinking water neither was tepid … Nor was age an issue! Some volunteers were in their senior years, some were as young as 10 …

Profession or social status was neither an issue: doctors used digging bars, a banana cue vendor shove soil into sacks, teachers carried sacks and sacks of soil inside the houses, a lawyer and his family helped level dumped soil inside a house, a retired policeman dug the hardened soil, retired teachers – mostly women, refilled water containers for those who were laboring long and hard …

They children, too, helped! They carried empty sacks and gave them to the shovel in-charge to be filled with soil again … And it was evident they had fun doing it!

The goal was simple and the intent pure – service, and all the MHH volunteers served with a smile and went home tired BUT with a happy heart!

MHH Volunteers

Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers

A Mormon Helping Hand  Volunteer

Women Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers

Mormon Helping Hands Volunteers

Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers

Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers

Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers

Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers

CDO Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers

Mormon Helping Hands

Mormon Helping Hand Volunteers

My Children and their Church friends

Me and My Little Friend Nicole ♥

CDO Mormon Helping Hands Volunteers


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