Basic Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying …

Mother and child

If you are a new parent, you might be unsure about what to do when your baby is crying. The odds are that nothing is seriously wrong, and your baby is just trying to tell you something so that you can fix whatever the problem is.

Most newborn babies do cry a lot. This is the only way the baby has to communicate to you, and it will seem like when they open their mouth, it is because they are crying. If you can identify the reasons for the crying, you can help them stop pretty quickly.

Sometimes, your baby simply wants to be held or hugged. First, try holding the baby or cuddling the baby close to you to see if that helps the crying stop. Talk gently to your baby to help him or her calm down.

Did something in the house make a loud, sudden noise? If a baby is sleeping or even very relaxed, he or she can become very startled by a loud, fast noise. It may be something that you did not even notice.

Is mom or dad stressed? If the parent is stressed, the baby might be picking up on that and causing the baby to cry.

Is it feeding time for the baby? A baby is going to cry when he or she is hungry. The baby will pucker their lips looking for the closest form of food. Most times, as the baby gets hungrier, it will cry louder and louder until fed.

Does your baby want you to play? Babies are really tiny children, and they enjoy playing too. Your baby might be a little bored so a playtime might be just what the baby needs. Maybe a little game of peek-a-boo, stacking up some colorful padded blocks or playing pat-a-cake with the baby will stop the crying. Talking and reading to the baby will work as well.

crying baby

Almost every baby is going to cry if his or her diaper is messy. Some may not care if the diaper is dirty, but some will scream out crying the moment they are wet or dirty. You will pick up if this bothers your baby fairly soon after you get home from the hospital with the baby. If the diaper is causing the crying, change it as soon as possible!

Babies cry for all sorts of reasons. Try to be attuned to your baby’s body language and behavior so that you can calm down the crying quickly.


This article is a Guest Post by Hillarry who is an Austin baby photographer. When she isn’t working hard to take some of the most adorable photos of some newborn babies, she spends her time with her two little boys and husband.

Images courtesy of Phaitoon & taoty/


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