Pain Relief Through Diet: Foods To Help You Fight And Prevent Pain

Pain is something we could all do without. Whether it’s just a headache or severe discomfort related to a chronic illness, pain can get in the way of our daily routine and stop us from enjoying life. Some milder conditions are treatable with over-the-counter pain relief such as ibuprofen – while for other, more serious conditions, a trip to the hospital or a strong prescription treatment, such as tramadol, might be necessary.

However, there are non-medicinal methods you can employ to reduce pain or prevent the likelihood of it occurring – one being a carefully controlled balanced diet.

Eating healthily can help the body to build and maintain strong bones and muscles, making us less susceptible to injury. A healthy diet also helps to keep weight off, meaning that you won’t be as likely to suffer from pain or illnesses related to bad circulation or respiratory problems.

But there are also number of healthy foods which can actually help to relieve the symptoms of pain. If you’re looking to relieve pain with your diet, here are some food options you might consider:

Whole grains

While whole grains are high in fibre (an ingredient which is effective at limiting appetite and helping to keep weight under control) they also contain magnesium, an element which has shown to be efficient in some studies at providing relief from chronic muscle pain.

Olive oil

Butter is typically very high in saturated fats, and high levels of this in the body may cause bones to weaken and pain to strike. Olive oil is a great substitute. Not only is it bursting with antioxidants, ingredients in olive oil also work to restrict certain actions in the body which can lead to pain.


Sometimes referred to nature’s painkiller, ginger contains a number of naturally occurring analgesic agents which work in a similar way to ibuprofen. Turmeric, a spice which contains curcumin, has also been shown to have similar pain relieving qualities.


According to studies, patients with high levels of vitamin D have not needed as much medicinal treatment to overcome chronic pain – leading many to believe that vitamin D plays a crucial role in pain relief. Salmon, which is high in vitamin D, also contains omega-3 which has pain relief qualities of its own.


High in vitamin K, spinach is not only good for your joints – early research has suggested that this vitamin is a good pain relieving nutrient as well.

Always ensure that a diet plan is suitable for you beforehand by discussing it with a healthcare professional. If you are suffering with pain symptoms, notify your doctor.


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