Handling Kid Tantrums In Public – Don’t Embarrass Yourself And Your Kid

Child with Tantrums
You and your kid were in the mall hoping to relax. But there was this one toy that your child wanted. However, it was so expensive and he had a lot of toys back at home. When you said NO, he cried so loud that people stared at you and your kid. What to do? Is this scenario familiar?
Here are some tips which you need to do the next time this happens.

Prolong Your Patience and Be Calm

Yes, your child has done it again. He has pushed your red button. Before you say anything or do anything, I want you to be calm. Smile and don’t yell at your kid most especially if you are in a public place. Kneel down and hold your kid’s arms. Direct him to a place where there are less people and try to calm him down as well. Don’t show that you are mad as it will not neutralize the whole situation. If you can bring your kid to the car, do it. Make things cool down on its own. When he’s already composed, talk to him. Explain to him that his behavior is not acceptable and that not everything that he wants can be his.

Identify Your Toddler’s Problems

There are times that your toddler is throwing tantrums not because he wants to get something. Perhaps, he’s hungry or sleepy. You will have to be sensitive enough about his needs. If you are in a public place, make sure that you look for a spot where he could sleep, let’s say in a bench. Also, you need to have biscuits and juice in your bag just in case your child gets hungry.

Child with Tantrums

Do Not Fall for Tantrums

I’m sure you just want your kid to just be quiet. I mean, it can be very embarrassing to have a scene in public areas. There may be times that you just want to do what your kid wants so just he’d stop weeping. Never fall for that. Your child will have that notion that he can manipulate you as long as he cries. You will have to be firm and most of all, you need to be consistent. That’s the only way you can impose to your kid that crying won’t buy his way out.

Remove Things that Might Hurt Your Child

The last thing that we want to happen is to see our kids get hurt. When a child is throwing tantrums, he usually moves his hands and legs uncontrollably. If there are things around you that might hurt him, carry your child away from that area.

Did I miss out anything? If yes, share your thoughts on how you can control your kid’s tantrums. There’s no doubt that you’d be helping a lot of moms out there.


This is a guest post by David Zielinski. David is a great writer who just finished his children’s picture book about the Misadventures of Fink the Mink. This is a book series written to teach children better playground behavior.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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    1. Hi Ms Lizette! Thank you so much for reading the article. This one on Children and Tantrums is a guest post by a very good writer. I have started welcoming good writers to guest post here in my Blog to give people like you (who are special to me) excellent reading materials. Thanks again and please continue to read and visit my Blog when you have time.

      Stay beautiful!

      Mommy Tina ♥

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