Mothers …



The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.  ~ Rajneesh ♥♥♥

I wonder if there is one woman in the whole wide world who can truly and honestly say she was prepared for Motherhood when she finally became one.

Poets, philosophers, book authors, movie scriptwriters have said so much about what motherhood is all about. Songs have been written too, to put a picture on what Motherhood really is.

But what is Motherhood really?

Motherhood are these and a hundred more:

It is carrying a baby in your womb for nine months;

It is dealing with the nausea and vomiting on the 1st trimester; it means having to learn to sleep on your side because sleeping on your back means difficulty in breathing; it means having to deal with your bloated body – your nose, your eyelids, your lower legs, your whole body …

It means experiencing excruciating pain during labor, when crowning, and when finally pushing. It also means dealing with the wound after each cs operation;

It means dealing with fever (at its worst) because of the heavy milk in your breasts; it means going around with your blouse wet because the milk keeps dripping and any breast pad is simply not enough. It means pumping at home or in the office just so your baby can have breast milk – the best milk for any infant or child. It means having to ignore the staring eyes of people when you breastfeed your child in public places …

It means sitting up for long hours to feed the baby while holding him/her in your arms;

It means staying awake all night through when the baby is sick;

It means having to deal with the pain of seeing your child being immunized. Pain because you know an injection shot is painful yet necessary; Pain because you know that after the shot the baby will have to deal with the discomfort or the aftermath of the immunization which is fever;

It is waking up in the middle of the night to attend to your children’s needs, to feed him or to change his diapers;

It means being careful and watchful so that mosquitoes will not bite him;

It is singing songs to lull them to sleep; singing songs you know and just invented; it is singing songs even when your throat hurts because you have cough and colds;

It is wishing, when your child is sick, that you get the sickness instead so that your child will be spared;

It means saying you’re full or good, even if you’re not, so your children can eat as much as they want the food that they really love. This is always true when the food is very limited.

It means night or day means nothing for Mothers are on call 24/7, beginning  the moment the child is born until Mother becomes too old to help and lend a helping hand … until she dies …

Simply put, Motherhood is loving another person with all your heart, might, mind and strength. It is loving another person more than loving yourself. It is the willingness to sacrifice even life itself because of your children.

So what do you get in return?

Nobody really expects a “good” mother to expect anything in return. Society dictates somehow that to expect something in return is not “motherly” …

If you are a mother, do you agree?

A woman, a mother, dedicates everything about her – all of herself to her children. Most mothers, the good ones, that is, give everything. And then what? Then the children grow up … they begin to have their own lives … and ultimately, leave home. What happens to Mother? Society expects that she will manage. Many would say of course she should! Isn’t that what motherhood is all about?

A mother …

Before giving birth she was once a girl, then a lady, then a woman. She went to school, attended parties and proms, some finished degrees and had thriving careers. Some of them once had badminton matches with friends, some may have loved to sing and dance, many loved nice and dainty things just like any ordinary girl, lady, or woman. She may have enjoyed hanging out with friends …

One day she decides to start a family of her own. She chooses to stay at home to take care of her children and her husband. Some, for some reason, chooses to continue to work and then they come home and work some more. They are called career women who, despite being tired from work, still manages to take care of the home by doing chores, then attends to her husband and her children.

One day, after more or less 30 years as a mother she finally finds herself free from all the demands of raising children, for now they’re all grown up and have began their own lives. But she’s now old, and all that she has are heartwarming memories of what happened all those 30 years or so … of what used to be … of little children all wanting her undivided attention. The years where time seemed to be always not enough … when she wished she had more time to sleep … and more time with her children. When she wished they would never grow old … her children, her treasures in life.

What now becomes of her?

She will still be Mom … and in time Grandmother. Of course there’s no greater calling in mortality than to be called Mother …. and Lola.

Here’s something to think about.

Do women stop being themselves when they become wives and mothers? Being a wife and a mother, these are roles in a woman’s life, and in these roles the Lord expects all women to give their best. But as women dedicate their lives to these sacred roles, what happens to the person inside? The individual?

Women – wives and mothers, are also individuals with their very own special needs and talents. Women need to become the best that they can ever be, not only as wives and mothers but as daughters of a Heavenly Father.  So here’s a gentle reminder to all the women out there …

Remember that what you do not have you can not give! So in order to love others, you have to genuinely love yourself. You have to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Read good books to feed your mind and read the scriptures and pray often to feed your soul. Another good counsel to follow is this: Enjoy the journey now; grow with your children. When you do that, then you will be in a much better position to give all that you can … and feel happy … and loved … without regrets, till you’re 90 and 9!




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