People And Aging: Old Does Not Mean Ugly And Unattractive!

Senior Couple

Written by Mommy Tina

A lot of people would do anything to delay aging. Why? Well, because many people generally equate old age, ageing, or maturity with dying or death. For many people, both men and women alike, aging is also in a lot of ways equated with ugliness and unattractiveness. Many think and feel that as a person ages or grows older, he or she becomes less and less attractive.

Do you agree? Think about it this way: Do you personally think that growing old or aging is synonymous to unattractiveness or ugliness?

What People Do Today to Delay Ageing

To ensure that they remain young looking, some people do the following to delay aging or to remain attractive:

Use Cosmetics or Make-up

Many people, most especially women, use cosmetics or make-up in order make themselves appear more beautiful and attractive. For example, in order to hide unattractive skin such as skin blemishes and freckles, some women (and some men too) use a make-up base called skin foundation to make their complexions look smoother and blemish free. Make-up or cosmetics is also used to enhance the eyes and make it look more attractive. Different shades of lipstick are applied to the lips to make them appear more supple and kissable.

Use Anti-Aging Products

Manufacturers of anti-aging products promise their users younger looking skin so long as their products are used regularly and as indicated. For example, there are anti-aging products which promises the users “increase cell turnover”. This means that the more the product is used, the skin becomes healthier and younger looking because the skin repairs itself faster. Some products also promise younger looking skin by arresting collagen breakdown. Some products are said to “keep the skin more elastic”, which is effect promises wrinkle-free skin for a long time.

Cosmetic Surgery

People who can afford cosmetic surgery “go through the knife” to ensure that they stay younger looking for as long as possible.


Old Does Not Mean Unattractive

Here’s something that many people may not have realized yet – getting old, ageing, or being mature physically is not really, or should not be made synonymous to ugliness or unattractiveness. Of course this is the general perception of most people, but that’s just it – a perception.

Here’s a very basic fact: beauty, just like ugliness, is more than skin deep. How one looks is actually not just about what one wears or what one sees physically, it’s more of what’s going on in the “inside” of the person – in his heart and in his brain.

How to Be Beautiful When Ageing

More than anything else, it’s attitude! Optimism can do so much in making a person look happy and young looking for as long as he or she lives. A positive mindset and a healthy disposition in life are factors that tremendously affect how a person looks. People with a positive attitude is vibrant and attractive even when he or she has a full head of white hair, wrinkles in the face, and dropping or sagging skin in the neck and upper arms.

Think about this for a moment: imagine a young person who’s miserable and full of negativity standing beside an older person who’s smiling and happy. Who do you think looks more attractive and pleasant? So here’s the bottom line: old age does not mean ugly or unattractive because the truth is, it isn’t.


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